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It is not easy to find cheap deals on car rentals. It is different from other forms of transportation used by travelers. However, this does not mean you can find your way around it and save some money. If you are looking for car rental companies or more information on such issues, you can check online platforms like Lumina blog.

Meanwhile, car rental may be tricky, but it doesn’t mean you have to part with a fortune. Aside from patronizing some of the best car rental companies, you need to know ways to get great car rental deals. That is why we have decided to help you with some tips on how to go about reducing the cost of obtaining a car rental service this summer. These tips are given below.

1. Begin your search early

Don’t leave it late until your travel time or need before you start searching for a car rental service to patronize. This may even lead to you ending up with an unfavorable deal. Haste is never good as regards obtaining car rental services.

When you start your foray early, you have the time to check multiple car rental companies for favorable deals. You even have enough time to negotiate a fair price. The price of car rentals is known to fluctuate a lot. Thus, starting your search on time can help you keep an eye on prices.

2. Visit the car rental company’s site directly

This is essential because third-party sites can hike the prices of car rentals. Visiting the car rental company’s website will provide you with greater deals and even some surprise bonuses. You may find added information that may be useful. Thus, visiting the main website of the car rental company is a great idea.

3. Be aware of any available discounts

Most car rental companies offer discounts to attract customers. Thus, it is good to search for any available discounts when you visit any car rental company’s website. If you can’t find such information, you can enquire from the agent attending to you.

4. Avoid car rental insurance

This is something you need to pass if you intend to save costs. Most car rental companies would love you to take on the car rental insurance they offer you. This may not be useful if you already have car insurance that covers such. The main idea is to know what your personal car insurance says and whether or not car rental insurance will benefit you

5. Use your map instead of GPS offered by the agency

Car rental companies would want you to pay for GPS. You can save costs by coming along with yours or using a map to locate where you are going. There are online maps you can use through mobile phones. Thus, the car rental company can shelf their GPS.

6. Inspect the car

When you get the car, ensure you do not speed off as though you have just made a brand new acquisition. It is wrong to obtain a car rental without inspecting the car to locate any possible damage. This will save you from any false claims in the end.


With the few tips above, you can see that it is not too difficult to get a car rental service at favorable rates. All you need to do is keep these tips in mind and implement them.