Nowadays people are more aware of the positive effects of maintaining a healthy life. To achieve this, people know that an important factor is food. With the introduction of Miron glass on the market, it is possible to offer consumers high quality natural products, without preservatives and, above all, able to maintain their natural properties for much longer. We all know that natural products are better than processed ones. The secret behind Miron glass is that it blocks the destructive effects of light. Light is composed of different types of beams. Visible light is what causes natural products to deteriorate faster. The beams that do get through the glass are infrared, violet and ultraviolet rays. These have the ability to maintain the molecular structure for a longer period of time.

As if it were a Jenga game

Let’s try to explain the benefits of Miron glass in simple words. At the end of the day, what we are interested in is having a natural and quality product. Every organic product has a molecular structure. When a cologne loses its scent, an oil loses its color or a cream dries out, we can say that its molecular structure has changed. To avoid this, Miron glass uses the ultraviolet, violet and infrared rays that pass through it to keep this structure stable. You can compare it to a game of Jenga. By removing blocks, you run the risk that the whole structure collapses and you lose. The Miron glass is able to move these blocks with the assurance that the structure will not collapse. That is why it is said that it also energizes the products stored inside.

Is Miron glass capable of energizing?

We know it sounds a little far-fetched, but it’s not what you’re thinking. When we say that Miron glass is able to energize, we mean that it stabilizes the molecular structure of organic products for much longer. In other words, a zero-preservative, more natural product. This is because the rays that pass through the Miron glass considerably reduce the decomposition time. Since the products do not come into contact with external agents that deteriorate them, their properties are maintained for much longer. Simply put, if there is nothing causing damage, you get a stable natural product that lasts for weeks. We invite you to include Miron glass in your life. An ideal place is in the kitchen. You will notice how products such as oatmeal, coffee and tea leaves stay fresh for weeks.