Every entrepreneur wants to make his business grow. However, doing business is like a competition where there are successes or failures. In fact, only a few have won the competition in the increasingly competitive business world.

Raising a business certainly needs effort so that products and services remain in demand from year to year. You must implement effective marketing and promotion strategies to increase sales and satisfy the needs of your target market.
However, what can you do to keep your business growing? Here are a number of ways that are often applied by a number of business people in advancing their business.

Expand Your Market Reach

Make your product more known and easy to buy. Extending market reach can reach new consumers. There are many ways that can be done, such as adding sales channels and advertising.
For example, making products in your online store is available at various marketplace websites and entrusting your products to retail stores. Then advertise your product on various platforms online and in traditional media.

Maintain Old Customers

New consumers are important, but it’s not right if you think that the way to grow the business is simply to find as many new customers as possible. However, the best way is to retain old customers.
Because it’s easier to make old customers continue to buy your product, rather than winning new customers who don’t know your product at all or have never used it. Reaching out to old customers is also more cost-effective for promotion, because they already know your product.

Diversify Products

Human needs will continue to change and the conditions of the times continue to develop. You must strive for your business to adapt to change. So you need to make breakthroughs and innovations in your business, such as diversifying or diversifying products.
Diversification is a way to expand markets and increase income. You can add new products or create new variants of existing products. For example, if all this time you only sell casings for the iPhone, then you can also sell casings for Android and casings for laptops.

Join the Entrepreneurship Exhibition

An exhibition of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship can be a way to introduce your business to the wider community. Because usually there will be thousands of people coming from various regions and many national media covering.
Entrepreneurship exhibitions also provide opportunities for your business to capture customers directly. You can meet and interact face-to-face with people who might be interested in your product. It might even meet potential investors who want to join to grow your business.

Manage Finance Properly

You have to manage finances properly. Growing a small business into a large one requires no small amount of money. You need to prepare funds to improve the quality of your business and finance your business activities.
For that, make sure you can manage your accounts receivable, debt and product inventory effectively. Financial management is important so that cash flows remain smooth every month, so that your business is not deficit and business continuity can be guaranteed.

Making Business a Franchise

Especially for offline businesses, try to make your small business a franchise or franchise business. The franchise business has the opportunity to develop quickly. You must create a franchise system that is effective and profitable for you, but it also benefits business partners.
Create a partnership system that allows other people to have the right to manage your business. This franchise collaboration will benefit materially and make your business everywhere.

Provide the Best Service

Make sure you have reliable customer service. You must provide training for employees in the customer service department so that they know how to deal with different customers.
Customers are valuable assets for business continuity. Serve them well, starting from the time of bidding and after purchase. Especially if there are complaints, you have to overcome them to complete so that the good name of your business is maintained.

Ask Customers to Recommend Your Business

Even though your customers like your product and are satisfied with the service, they may not necessarily share your business with others. For this reason, you must have an initiative in asking customers to recommend your business.
You can also implement a referral system where customers will get a commission if they succeed in bringing new customers to your business. This is a strategy to make loyal customers and get new customers from them.