A website developer is a job that is very much in demand at this time along with the growth of technology that continues to advance so rapidly. The large number of requests for websites can also cause many people to be interested in becoming a website developer.

However, do you understand that on the developer’s website there is a division of work for each. So not all work is assigned to just one person, but there are people who function for a particular job.

Website Developer

Website Developer Interpretation

Website developer is a position in charge of creating websites. A website developer can identify how to create a website from 0 to finished and can be used. A website developer is also required to master the programming code involved in web development.

This matter is tried so that later if there is a problem we can find out and can fix it. There are 3 main jobs of a website developer, which is to validate the code that is run on the website and determine what users want to see, make sure that each code runs properly and protect the information base.

So from that there are what are called Front-end Developers, Developer Back-ends and Full-stack Developers. A Front-end Developer is in charge of making parts of the web display so that it looks attractive. After that the Back-end Developer is responsible for creating web logic and is in charge of controlling databases and web security. There is also a Full-stack Developer who is in charge of doing all of that, so a full-stack person must have both a front-end and a back-end.

There is also a designer called a UI/UX Designer. In charge of designing the web in such a way that it looks good and user friendly. Apart from that, there are also some tasks that Website Developers try, among others.

Creating a Site

In general, a website developer’s job is to create a website using one or more programming languages. This task is attempted by predefined positions.

Make a Website Development Plan

In making a web, a plan is also needed so that later all the work to be done has been arranged neatly and can minimize errors.

Carry out Site Testing

When the web has been launched, the next step is to test our website. This is an attempt to identify if there are errors or problems on our website. This check is not only carried out at launch, but is tested regularly and periodically.

Creating and Testing the API

Application Programming Interface (API) is a communication protocol between various parts intended to simplify implementation and maintenance of software features. The API is usually used for a library that can later be used by programmers for the purposes of building a web.

Create and Responsible for Documentation

A documentation really needs to be made for web purposes. So that we can recognize every detail of the web that we make.