Anyone who is interested in modern and contemporary art should visit Moco museum at least once. All fans of modern art have their own unique tastes and views. Some may like Yayoi Kusama, while others prefer Andy Warhol. Whether you like older modern artists or new modern artists, at Moco museum there’s something for everyone. Do you enjoy discovering new artists? Visit Moco museum to discover tons of upcoming modern artists from all over the world. View the world through the insightful eyes of artists like THE KID or Tess van Zalinge. If you would ever like to visit an Amsterdam museum, you should definitely consider going to Moco museum.

Moco stories

Are you interested in learning more about Moco museum? Then try visiting the official Moco museum website and click on Moco stories to read about all sorts of topics regarding art. Topics such as “20 female artists to know in 2020” and “8 art podcasts for lockdown inspiration”. Stay up to date with all the latest art related news and extras about Moco museum. On Moco stories you will find detailed descriptions of both older and current exhibits, including some info about the artists who worked on them. So, do you want to know more about the museum and its exhibits, or just the world of modern art in general? Just read a couple of Moco stories!

A digital modern art experience

Visiting a museum is not just a fun day of looking at art, it is an exciting and stimulating experience that you will likely never forget. However, such an experience can also be had by visiting Moco museum online. That’s right, you can go on a virtual tour of Moco museum! It’s a great way to still visit Moco without having to travel all the way over to Amsterdam. After all, not everyone has the money or time to do so. To go on a virtual tour of Moco museum, simply click on the link on the official website.

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